In Cooperation with the Institut for Sport & Sport Science, University Kiel, Germany
Recommended by Prof. Dr. med. B. Weisser

Working in an office all day? Workout at work with WakeUp!

Improve your well-being with regular active breaks
  • Workout at work with more then 60 different exercises
  • stretching, strength training exercises (with and without elastic band), mobilization
  • regular active breaks- no more back pain!
  • exercises relief stress and let you work more effective

For your health - against back and neck pain

WakeUp! helps you to increase your well-being and health while working in the office. Daily more movement, a dynamic workday and periodic workout at work, preventive and before you start feeling tired. Not only stretching and mobilization, but also strength exercises will increase your fitness. In periodic time intervals, you will be remembered to perform the next office workout exercise. The WakeUp! Reminder helps and reminds you to go for the next active break.

Try it - it is for FREE, all you need is a Thera-Band. 10 minutes workout at work per day make a difference!

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